About C.Woermann

The Company




Competence in leadership, competence in technology

Our Management

The personal commitment of the respective owners and their generations has shaped the family-run company through its history, characterised by flat hierarchies, openness and direct lines of communication.

The management makes a joint assessment of the opportunities and risks of future developments and in doing so determines the long-term direction for the international growth of C. Woermann.

We attach particular importance to:

 • respective personal, long-standing experience in our African markets, acting in a fair way and on "eyel-level" with our customers and employees
 • suitable products with long-term benefits and sound quality
 • close cooperation with manufacturers and customers
 • constant availability of our stock range, including spare parts
 • reliable service with our own qualified technicians on site in Africa
 • openness to new technical and economic developments


Our specialist departments are responsible for the day-to-day business with our associated companies as well as our suppliers. Central purchasing and selling is coordinated here, divided into product categories.

They also coordinate projects in close cooperation with our local staff and our suppliers. Furthermore they look after our African customers who are located outside of the countries in which our associated offices are based.

Machines and Equipment Department

This department primarily deals with fuel-operated machines and equipment. These range from hand-operated outdoor equipment, to pumps and outboard motors as well as power generators and forklift trucks. This department is also home to the tyres division.

Industrial Technology and Electrical Engineering Department

The industrial technology and electrical engineering department is responsible for the following product categories; tools, construction site and workshop equipment, mounting materials and products such as adhesives and composite materials, as well as electrical engineering.

Automotive and Engine Spare Parts Department

The automotive and engine spare parts department is involved in the aftermarket for commercial vehicle spare parts and trailers, mainly manufactured in Europe and the USA. Besides engine spare parts we also specialise in filtration and components in the truck and trailer sector and of chassis. Furthermore, we stock stationary Deutz diesel motors as well as spare parts for them.

Forwarding Department

Our in-house forwarding department takes care of the shipping and all the paperwork to ensure that your goods are transported quickly and securely to Africa. Besides planning, booking and scheduling this also includes complete documentation for customs purposes.

Financial Department

Our financial department oversees the cash flow and provides support in financing projects. In doing so it fulfils an important role in providing medium-term bridge financing for capital-intensive products for our customers in international markets, given that our primary market in Africa is characterised by profound political and structural transformations.

Marketing Department

Hamburg is the nerve centre for the product and sales marketing as well as the development of sales materials, coordinated in tandem with direct input from our suppliers and in close customer-centred cooperation with our associated companies.